Your result for How emotionally detached are you? …

Dangerously Unstable

69% Emotional, 52% Extroverted, 52% Introverted, 37% Sociopath and 60% Compasionate!

You’re a ticking time bomb. You’re not quite a full blown sociopath who eats kittens for breakfast. But you’re getting there. Unlike the sociopath though you can actually get medical help for your mental problems. You should get on that… Like right now.

You’re most likely depressed. You don’t outright hate the world, but you really hate yourself. You do share a lot of other traits with your typical psychopath though. You just wish things would magically change for the better…They probably won’t though so you should get on with “removing” yourself from the world.

My big fat jewish wedding with a Rastafarian rabbi wearing no shoes. We will serve kosher sushi and you will have 6 kids and give birth to them 3 at a time.  THEN our grandkids will each have 27 cats and our big family will live on the moon.